Catalytic Converters

Lou's Custom Exhaust - Monday, July 10, 2017

Are you noticing a sulfur type odor coming from your exhaust? It could be your catalytic converter!

The catalytic converter is a passive device installed on your exhaust system by the factory that is designed to reduce your car’s emissions levels. The converter contains platinum, palladium, and rhodium which are used to clean the exhaust gases by a chemical reaction which in turn reduces the toxic gases to less harmful ones. 

A damaged or clogged converter can cause your check engine light to illuminate and in some cases you may notice an odor similar to rotten eggs. There are also many different ways a converter can fail such as: converter fracture, overheating, converter meltdown(pictured below), and heavy carbon deposits.   Here is a great video that explains why a converter fails

You may want to try an easy solution to fixing a converter before replacing it and there is one product you could try which is called Cataclean.Cataclean is a product that is cleans your fuel system and can lower your emissions. If you wish to try this approach feel free and if it doesn't do the trick come down to Lou’s Muffler and Brake, a division of Custom Exhaust, in Hyannis Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we offer free check engine light scans to help you determine if your catalytic is not functioning properly and we have to ability to replace the converter for less than the dealer if needed. Come on in and have the code scanned for free!    508-771-2500  508-746-3500      617-773-6500   508-646-1500
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