Memorial Day Hours 2021


Lou's Custom Exhaust in Hanover, Plymouth, Westport, Quincy, and Hyannis will be open Saturday the 29th 8:30am until 5:30pm for a full day of business.   We will be closed Monday the 31st on the holiday.   

Please give us a call if you would like to get in Friday or Saturday, the days are filling up FAST! 

Hanover 781-829-4900
Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

Now Hiring!

Help Wanted

Apprentice Mechanic / Welders

Experienced Mechanic

Full Time Positions – Pay Levels by experience.

Plymouth , Hyannis , & Westport Locations

Plymouth 508-746-3500
Hyannis   508-771-2500
Westport  508-646-1500

Thanksgiving Hours 2020

Lou's in Hanover, Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport are closed for Thanksgiving, November 26th.   We are open a full day Wednesday the 25th and will reopen for our normal hours Friday and Saturday November 26th/27th. 

Have a great Thanksgiving!

The Lou's Team

Gift Certificates Available for Christmas!!!

We will be open right up through 5:30pm on December 23rd for holiday gift certificates and last minute repair work. We are also open a full day the Wednesday after Christmas so that your loved ones can come right on in and use their gift.

These gift certificates are good for all our services such as exhaust repairs, tune ups, brakes, performance chips, performance exhausts and cold air intakes.

They are even available VIA USPS mail. To order call or email us (please allow up to 15 days for shipping during the holiday season):   781-829-4900    508-771-2500      617-773-6500  508-746-3500   508-646-1500

Gift Certificates purchased at any 1 of these 5 locations may be used at any of the 5 locations listed

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!!!!

Columbas Day Hours 2018

We will be open this Monday October 8th, Columbus Day, for a full day of business from 8:30am until 5:30pm.   It is booking up fast so call now and make an appointment if you want to get in!!!


Hanover 781-829-4900
Hyannis 508-771-2500

Plymouth  508-746-3500

Quincy   617-773-6500

Westport   508-646-1500

NH Oil Undercoating

Lou's Custom Exhaust of Quincy is now offering vehicle undercoating by NH Oil Undercoating.

Most people will rarely see the underside of their car or truck, but that won’t change its condition. It’s important your vehicles chassis and undercarriage are well protected from the elements. The fact is, a new vehicle is subjected to thousands of spot welds and numerous bends and folds during production. 

This process damages the pre-coated metal, allowing exposure to the corrosion process. Besides cosmetic damage,corrosion also weakens a vehicle’s structural integrity and can affect steering and suspension components.The destructive force of auto corrosion is the single greatest threat to your vehicle. It can lead to rapid deterioration of metal, not only resulting in poor appearance, loss of value but real safety hazards. 

Don’t wait until you have a structural failure or fail a safety inspection. Deal with rust as you would any other maintenance item on the vehicle. Unlike paint or conventional undercoating, which cover and encapsulate rust, our rust prevention methods and products penetrate through rust to the base metal. NH Oil Undercoating® Vehicle Undercoating Service is designed to create a barrier that can’t be broken, chipped or cracked. By staying fluid, our petroleum-based rust protection heals back over after any abrasions providing lasting protection, even in extreme conditions.

Give the team in Quincy a call if you are interested, 617-773-6500.

Labor Day Hours 2018

We will be open a full day, Saturday, September 1st for Labor Day weekend.  We will be closed on Monday, the 3th, for the holiday itself.   We will be back first thing Tuesday morning at 8:30am

If you are thinking of coming in this Saturday call now, it is booking up fast!    Don't forget we do more than custom and performance exhausts.  We do brake work, tune ups, stock (quiet) exhaust repairs, and more.    We also always do free, on-lift, estimates and free check engine light diagnostics.

Here is our contact information if you want to set up an appointment, if you need directions you can find them on our website here

Hanover  781-829-4900
Hyannis      508-771-2500
Plymouth    508-746-3500
Quincy       617-773-6500
Westport   508-646-1500

Father's Day Gift Idea!

Have a Dad who is into cars? Father's Day is this Sunday, June 17th!  Why not think about getting him a custom exhaust for his special ride?   Or maybe Dad's car just needs something repaired or made quiet again, we can do that too!   We even do non-exhaust work such as brakes, lighting packages, remote car starters, and more!  The gift certificates are good for all of our services!

We will be open right up through 5:30pm on Saturday, June 16th, for Father's Day gift certificates and last minute repair work.  We are here Monday through Saturday from 8:30am until 5:30pm so your father can use his gift anytime.   781-829-4900    508-771-2500  508-746-3500      617-773-6500   508-646-1500

Gift Certificates purchased at any of these 5 locations may be used at any of the 5 locations listed.

Have a great Father's Day!

The Lou's Team

Free Day Pass To Plymouth Fitness With Any Brake Job!

Our Plymouth location is offering a free day pass to Plymouth Fitness for any brake jobs while supplies last!   Plymouth Fitness is located directly across the street from our Plymouth shop and has a great workout area with many machines, pool, hottubs, saunas and more!   Check them out here

The Lou's Team!

Plymouth 508-746-3500
Westport 508-646-1500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Hyannis 508-771-2500
Hanover 781-829-4900

Who are we?

Who is Lou’s Muffler and Brake, of Hanover, Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport?


Lou's Muffler and Brake in Hanover, Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport are independently owned and operated custom exhaust shops specializing in the fabrication of stock replacement and performance exhaust systems. We pride ourselves on our fabrication and welding skills developed through years of training and experience.  These 5 shops share philosophy and employees.

 Low Price

   First thing you will notice is that we don’t charge you anything to look at and diagnose your car’s issue. At many shops you will be hit with a standard $100, or more, “diagnostic fee”.   Then there is the exceptional value pricing of our work. We keep the price low and quality high because we start with raw materials; straight 14 gauge pipe, mufflers, and hangers. Our experienced employees fabricate your exhaust system to your vehicle specifications.

The advantage: a perfect fit and cost savings to our customers. National chain shops buy pre-bent exhaust systems from their franchisors at very high prices and pass this cost to their customers.   Lou's of Hanover, Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport do not have middle men—so our prices are typically hundreds of dollars less.  

1) We fabricate our own exhaust piping and repair parts keeping the cost of the replacement parts much lower

2) There are several shops that buy materials together in bulk further reducing the prices on materials

3) We can cut and weld replacement parts, such as catalytic converters, into stock systems saving the customer hundreds or even thousands of dollars

4) We cut out the middleman.  

On most typical repairs we can save you, the customer, anywhere from $100 all the way up to thousands of dollars. A perfect example of this is replacing the front flex pipes on an Audi A4. These parts have a catalytic converter built into them. To replace both flex pipes here it would cost you under $400.00 for BOTH sides. The factory part, unistalled, costs $700 per side. Aftermarket you can typically get them for $325.00 per side. By fabricating this ourselves we can save you over a thousand dollars.

You can also check us out on our website at LousMuffler.Com, facebook, and Instagram

Hanover 781-829-4900
Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy  617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

New Shop Opening In Hanover

We have a new shop opening in Hanover this Saturday, February 24th!   The shop is located at 972 Washington Street in Hanover and the phone number is 781-829-4900.  We are taking appointments for the shop now if you are interested.   

This link will take you to the contact information page for the shop on our website

Here are a few pictures of the shop

We hope to see you at our new location soon!

The Lou's Team

Hanover 781-829-4900
Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

Unique Valentines Day Gift!

A Unique Gift for Valentines Day

Tired of the same old Valentines day Gifts?

Is your significant other a car enthusiast?

Why not put a big smile on their face and get them a gift certificate for Lou’s Custom Exhaust.  This will show them you truly do know who they are and what they like!    

We don’t just do custom work either!  Maybe you husband’s or wife’s exhaust has gotten loud, brakes are squeaky, or even the engine light has come on?  We handle all of that here at Lou’s and give free estimates on every job!    

So if you are looking for an “outside of the box” type of gift this valentines day stop and call us!   We sell the gift certificates in the shop, over the phone, or even via email. 

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

Open Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017

We will be open 8:30am to 5:30pm of business on Monday, January 15th, during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  

As always we do free estimates for exhaust, brakes, and check engine light diagnostics.  

Have a great Martin Luther King Jr day! 

The Lou's Team

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

Hours For Christmas and New Years

We wanted to let everyone know that all 4 Lou's Locations in Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport will be closed Monday, December 25th, for Christmas.  We will be back Tuesday morning, the 26th, for a full day of business! 

We will also be closed Monday January 1st, for New Years Day.  We will be back for a full day Tuesday, January 2nd.  

We know that a lot of you have time off this time of year or are home from college.   This is the perfect time to have damaged exhausts, worn brakes, or anything else checked out for free then repaired if necessary.  We do free estimates so come by or call us.

We also have gift certificates available in any denomination at all our locations.  These make a great gift for that car enthusiast in your life or for someone you know who needs to fix their brakes, quiet down an exhaust, or have something else repaired.    508-771-2500      617-773-6500  508-746-3500   508-646-1500



Lous Does Truck Manifolds

We do truck exhaust manifolds at the 4 Lou's Muffler and Brake (a division of Lou's Custom Exhaust) locations in Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport.   With winter coming, now is the perfect time to get that plow truck or your daily driver's manifold fixed!   Those manifold leaks will make you lose a lot of low end power, gas mileage, and can let the bad exhaust fumes into your cabin!  

At Lou's Muffler and Brake our manifold prices are competitive with, or below, the competition's prices.  We will also price match any written estimate.   When we do a manifold we extract all the old studs, even if the threads are still good.  We replace them with factory, stainless, studs and nuts. We also get the factory, metal, gasket instead of using the supplied fiber one.    

Most manifold jobs have a same day turnaround and, as with all of our work, we give a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.  

Give us a call or swing by any one of our 4 locations for a free estimate on your manifold needs!

Hyannis, 18 Rosary Lane, 508-771-2500
Plymouth, 13 Aldrin Road, 508-746-3500
Quincy, 57 Liberty Street, 617-773-6500
Westport, 727 State Road, 508-646-1500

Thank You Veterans

Thank You Veterans! 

We just wanted to take a moment during this Veteran's Day week to say thank you to all who have served our country and given us all the freedoms we get to enjoy!  

Lou’s Muffler and Brake not only stands by our work but our troops as well. USMC, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard all receive 10% off all work done, from simple

repairs and brake jobs to full performance systems.  This is not just for Veterans Day but 365 days a year.


We will be open a full day, this Friday, for the observed Veteran's day from 8:30 until 5:30.  We are also open this Saturday from 8:30 to 5:30 on Veteran's Day.

We thank all of you for your sacrifices on our behalf!

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy  617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500

You know us for Muffler Repairs but we also do Brakes, Suspension, Tune Ups and more!

At Lou’s Custom Exhaust of Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport we do more than just exhaust work.  We also do brake work, tune-ups, struts, and other under car repairs. We give free work estimates, including brake inspections.  If our technicians find your car needs attention we can usually fix it the same day.

Here is some information about our brake services: 

Brake Fluid Flushes 


Believe it or not your brake fluid is not suppose to look like molasses! Brake fluid, like brake hardware, isn’t indestructible. Parts such as the rubber in the valves in the master cylinder, calipers and wheel cylinders deteriorate. All the little bits that flake off end up in your brake fluid. Plus the fluid itself can get old and worn out. Moisture also gets in the system, due to brake fluid's hydroscopic nature.  This leads to poor braking performance and rust, which leads to more particles in your brake fluid. All this adds up to a brake system with compromised stopping power. Think of it this way, you wouldn't skip changing your car's engine oil, right? It's the blood of your engine, and when it gets contaminated by impurities, you put the entire engine at risk. It's the same with brake fluid. Let it get dirty and you won't be able to stop as well. It may not seem like a big deal when you're standing at the service desk and the mechanic asks if you want him to flush your brakes, but when you're careening down that mountain road, you'll understand why it's an important part of vehicle maintenance. 

If you're a do it yourself type of person (which we know many people are now a days) to check your brake fluid is only a hood pop away! Color and consistency are the two major signs of deteriorating (read bad) fluid. There are also moisture level test strips.  Visually fluid should be a light golden yellow color, the darker it gets the dirtier and contaminated it has become. Also meaning the viscosity is wearing out AKA you're losing the lifeline of your brakes! Typically if you start when your vehicle is new a good interval for a brake fluid flush is every 25k-35k miles. The longer you go without flushing the fluid the more corrosion build up meaning more problems can arise. In the big picture of the things spending money now could save you thousands in the future. Not only in damage to your vehicles braking system but without brakes your vehicle becomes a weapon, putting others at risk! 

Brake Inspections. Pad, Rotor, Caliper, and Line Replacements 

The only thing better than a car that goes is a car that stops. Routine inspections keep your vehicle stopping safer, longer. How often you have to change your brakes depends on a lot of things driving conditions, rotor thickness, quality of brake pads, and more. A routine brake inspection makes certain that your braking system is safe. 

Lou’s Muffler and Brake is proud to offer free brake inspections at the Hyannis, Plymouth, Quincy, and Westport locations. Our professional technicians will visually assess your brakes to determine if any service or repairs are needed. 

A few signs your brakes might need service or replacement: 
 •Brake pedal is low or spongy (goes to the floor when pressed) 
 •Brake pedal is hard to depress (won’t go down at all) 
 •Brake service warning light stays lit at all times 
 •Squealing or grinding at stop 
So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please swing by one of our shops for a free estimate

Hyannis 508-771-2500
Plymouth 508-746-3500
Quincy 617-773-6500
Westport 508-646-1500