What do I need to have my car ready for the spring and summer?

Lou's Custom Exhaust - Monday, March 20, 2017

What pre-spring maintenance do I need?

Spring is almost here! Though you may be ready for the warm weather, how ready is your vehicle? You should really think about having your brakes and exhaust checked after the winter driving season as it tends to be toughest on our cars. 

1. Give your vehicle a “brake”

Slush and salt take their toll on many components of your vehicle, and disc brake mechanisms are some of the most critical parts affected. Winter driving can cause corrosion issues inside the braking system – if you haven’t had your car’s brakes checked in the last year, now is a great time to do so. We here at Lou's can ensure that the brake caliper sliders are moving freely and are well lubricated. If these stick or seize, they can cause a hard brake pedal and accelerated lining wear. Our brake checks are free!

You should also have the fluid checked. Brake fluid is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture easily) and moisture in the brake system degrades the performance of it significantly.

2. Check that Exhaust System

The snowbanks and deep snow we have seen this winter can damage your exhaust without you knowing it. A slight bump could sperate a hangar, which you wont hear, but will add stress to other parts of the system. We see this all the time and almost every time this increased stress ends up breaking a more expensive part of the exhaust that could have been salvaged at a fraction of the cost if only the hangar was seen and fixed early.

3. Remote Starters

Did you get sick of having to go out into the cold and get into a cold car just to start it and warm it up?   Lou's now installs remote starters for your winter driving convenience!   Swing by before next winter hits if you are thinking about installing one.

4.  Car Lighting

Spring is also a good time to improve your overall driving experience with an LED lighting kit by WEISE.  Lou's now installs these kits, same day!   An LED lighting kit is not only more efficient and long lasting than the halogen bulbs, they also light the roadway better allowing you better visibility at night and during bad weather!

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