Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster has been the industry favorite for years. For our customers that live by the Flowmaster sound and name, we carry a full line of Flowmaster mufflers for any application. Flowmaster Dual exhausts are a very popular upgrade on trucks.

40 Series

Available in Original Delta Flow and Super 40. Flowmaster's most aggressive muffler line. We carry both single and dual applications.

50 Series

3-Chambered Design. Available in the regular 50 Series as well as the 50 Series SUV. The 50 Series is less aggressive than the 40 Series while still creating the great Flowmaster sound. The 50 SUV muffler reduces internal resonance created by performance mufflers. A great application for customers who spend a lot of their driving time on the highway.

Big Block

Flowmaster's answer to high displacement engines.

80 Series

Traverse style muffler commonly used on Camaro style exhaust applications.

60 Series

Flowmaster's answer to the import craze. Designed for both foreign and american cars with 4 and 6 cylinder engines.